Sunday, July 18, 2010


Here Comes The Dawn
Written by: Franz Borowitz Copyright 7/5/2010
Artwork By: Franz Borowitz Copyright 8/2/2009

Sun sets and fades as it slowly rolls away...
Still bright with warm light on the other side it shines.
First breath I take my body awakes. Still warm from the light that split the night. 
Will Life be kind or full of regret? A chill sets in as the Journey begins.
Sharp breeze cuts deep as it passes through my skin...
Shall I set chase for the lights warm embrace?

Or stay and fight like the brave that take honor in the battle not the flight.
The question is does the night define the light?
The answer comes over time... when the silence turns eerie
just before the fury.
Just before the fury, voices start to whisper.
Voices start to whisper as the air turns crisp
and the night begins to twist…
Circling shadows take flight towards the bleeding edge of light.

Night falls sun rises ten thousand times and more.. 
Battles won and battles lost from shining seas to sandy shores.
My body grows tired but my soul burns bright

to find the answer of the riddle...
the riddle of the night… 
With arms opened wide and little choice insight,
my ship sets sail for the warm embrace of light. 
An old journey ends,
A new journey begins...
With a warm burst of light that lifts my soul like a kite.
I see it now and now i'm gone.
For here
Here comes the dawn.